The Ethnic Regional Autonomies Database (ERAD) contains a wide range of information on all ethnic regional autonomies around the world, which exist at present or ceased to exist in the beginning of XXI century. In contrast to other datasets (UCDP / PRIO Armed conflict datasets; Minorities at Risk - MAR; Ethnic Power Relations – EPR, etc.), the ERAD focuses on ethnic autonomous regions, not on ethnic groups or ethnic conflicts. The ERAD is a unique dataset in the sense that although it partially accumulates some relevant data from other datasets, it contains dozens of variables which were extracted from original sources. The data is available for 2001-2015 timespan and presented in autonomy-year format.
If you would like to use or cite the ERAD in your own work, please use the following citation:
The project is supported by the
Russian Science Foundation
under Grant (№15-18-00034)
Perm State University
Russia, 614990, Perm,
Bukireva street, 15
Perm Scientific Centre
Russia, 614990, Perm,
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