Atlas of ethnic regional autonomies
The Atlas of Ethnic Regional Autonomies will be created in 2017
The Atlas of Ethnic Regional Autonomies is a multimedia interactive information resource with textual, tabular, graphical, and map information. It is focused on academics, experts, students, journalists as well as all users who are interested in the problems of interethnic relations. The resource is designed to enable users to obtain information of varying depth in accordance with their educational, research, and other requests.
The Atlas brings together and presents a wide range of systematic data on all ethnic regional autonomies, which currently exist or have ceased to exist in the XXI century. The following sections of the information are available for each autonomy:
  1. profile - in-depth qualitative description of the autonomy;
  2. cartographic information;
  3. quantitative data.
An access to the information is provided through three options:
  • The list of ethnic regional autonomies of the world
  • Cartographic section (scalable map of the world with ethnic regional autonomies)
  • Search on the basis of a set of parameters (the year of the creation of an autonomy, the existence of kin-state, ethnic structure of an autonomy, the level of economic development, conflicts, etc.)
This choice allows the user to choose own logic of data accessing.
The project is supported by the
Russian Science Foundation
under Grant (№15-18-00034)
Perm State University
Russia, 614990, Perm,
Bukireva street, 15
Perm Scientific Centre
Russia, 614990, Perm,
Lenina street, 13a
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